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You can keep your pet safe and sound in the holidays by following these tips:

1. To give your pet an easy way to the backyard while you are not at home, you can have a door flap installed in your backdoor.

2.  Don’t ever make the mistake of threatening life of your pet by accidently locking it up in the house or car. Even if the temperature seems to be okay, it can change hence putting your pet in a difficult situation.

3. Pets love to have a bite on the wires resulting in a potential electrical disaster for your home and could result in death of your pet. Take extra safety measures while installing electrical cords. Try keeping them entirely out of sight and try to cover them with a tape. There is also the option of corralling the cords available.

4.  When it comes to have twinkling bells and shiny balls hanging down from a tree, pets just love to have a go on them. Try keeping these decorations out of pets’ reach or go for the option of plastic ornaments rather than that of glass. Remember to avoid using tinsel, which could result in choking of the pet. 

5.  If you happen to possess a cat, try keeping mistletoe and holly at a safe distance from the cat. Better case would be to keep these things at an arm’s length as they are poisonous for your pets.

6. Theobromine is a toxic substance found in all chocolate-filled things. So try to steer away from games resulting in a chocolate treat for your pets.

7. Yes, you should give your puppy a delicious treat of turkey and ham, but take extra care to get rid of any bones which can get stuck in the throat of your pet.

8. In order to keep away from fire hazards, keep candles at an unapproachable distance from your pets.

In the case of an emergency where the pic is locked up, you can trust on Locksmith Toronto Ontario for the providing of immediate services of a locksmith, 24/7, even during a holiday. Give us a call and we will take care of your pet.